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Natural Stone Signs
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GG Markers creates stone signs using natural thin-cut or dimensional granite, sandstone or limestone in a variety of colors. This product of nature is sand-carved which etches distinctive graphics deep into the stone for a long-lasting impression.

Thin Stone Signs

Our natural thin-cut stone signs can be mounted to natural stone, powder-coated metal posts, or inlaid into cast aluminum backings for different effects and presentations. The signs can be complimented further with a decorative cast bases and caps which are also prepped and powder-coated for durability.

    Thin Granite Signage Front Mounted Sign on Square Post Angled Pedestal Tee Sign Twin Post Granite Tee Sign

Dimensional Stone Signs

Our natural dimensional stone signs are created from massive blocks of granite, sandstone or limestone which are inherently rugged and durable. The rough edges in combination with the polished surfaces expose the natural beauty of the stone along with the graphic details of your sign’s message.

Thick Granite Signage Granite Totem Tee Sign Sandstone Direction 'Next Tee' Sign Gray Granite Wedge with Bronze Hole Number