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Ball Washer Refurbishing
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Ball Washer Reconditioning

If your ball washers are old and tired looking...

If they are covered in white rust or chipping and fading...

You don't have to buy new ball washers!

GG Markers offers a ball washer refurbishing service that includes:

  • . Sand blasting of old ball washer housings
  • . Powder coating of housings
  • . Replacement of old towel clips with new brass clips
  • • Replacement of all gaskets
  • • Replacement of old fasteners with new stainless steel fasteners
  • • Inspection of interior ball washer components

We also offer a Bronze Refurbishing service; click HERE for more information.

We can bring your old ball washers back to life!

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New Ball Washer Alternative

$90 each*

• New powder coating

• New towel clips

• New gaskets

• New stainless fasteners

* Standard colors only. Minimum of 9 ball washers. Does not include replacement of broken parts.