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Bronze & Aluminum Refurbishing
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The cost of cast bronze gets higher each day and if you currently have bronze signs or markers on your course you know that they start to show their age over time.

Instead of paying the high cost of new bronze, we offer you a bronze refurbishing service that will have your old signs and markers looking new again. This is a low cost alternative to purchasing new bronze signs or tee markers.

What we do
The first step in reconditioning your old bronze involves sandblasting the rusted, chipped, and faded surfaces off. Then your bronze will be repainted, sanded and sealed to bring the rich color and brilliance back to this beautiful cast metal.

Our cast metal refurbishing isn't just for bronze; we can recondition your cast aluminum using the same techniques. This allows you to save money and increase the appearance of your golf club.

We also offer a Ball Washer Refurbishing service.

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We can bring your old bronze back to life!

Refurbishing Services
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Cast metal signage
Golf Insturctor Sign
Sugar Creek Bronze Welcome & Tee Signs
PGA National way finding sign
Wood post with bronze inlay
Cast aluminm street sign