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Cast Metal Signs
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         The cast metal signs in our product line are produced using a process that has been around for centuries. Using bronze or aluminum, this ancient art transforms the smelted metal into any number of designs with custom molds rendering a product that will stand the test of time. Once the cast metal signs are completed, they are mounted on round or square powder-coated posts. Combined with other decorative cast elements, these signs can reflect a traditional or modern presentation which speaks volumes to your facility’s commitment to timeless elegance and high standards.
Shape Options:
All of our standard cast bronze & aluminum sign shapes are available on any of our Post Options. Perfect for any tee sign, range sign, welcome sign or directional. Custom sign shapes and set-ups are also available. Contact Us for more information.

bronze tee signs
Sizes Available:

3x10 • 5x12 • 6.5x12 • 6.5x15 • 6.5 x 18 • 8x12 • 8x16
10x12• 10x14 • 10x15 • 12x12 • 12x16 • 12x18 • 12x20
14x18 • 14x20 • 14x22 • 16x20• 16x20

Sign Mount Options:
Add Ons:

• Sponsor Plaque
• Hole Graphic
• Decorative Base (Round Post Only)
• Ball Washer on Post
• Waste Can on Post
• Cast Aluminum Inlay


Cast Bronze Signs

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Thick Granite Signage

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Cast metal signage
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